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Dear August 28th, 2021 SAT test takers,

We are proud to serve as a test center for The College Board’s SAT test.

Our test center number is: 59902


* complete your registration for the SAT test at

* remember that The College Board is responsible for all issues relating to test registration, including full test centers, waiting lists, late registration, etc.

contact The College Board if you have any questions or issues regarding test registration (Contact Us | College Board)

Nesibe Aydın Anadolu Lisesi is a test location only; thus all questions, concerns, or issues relating to the SAT must be addressed to The College Board.

Scroll down to see all information about the test procedures:

+ Adding or opting out of the Optional Essay

If you have registered to take the SAT with essay, and change your mind, you are able to opt out of the essay the day of the test.

If you have registered for the SAT without essay, and change your mind, you may be able to add it on test day if test materials, rooms, and staff are available.

If you‘re able to switch on test day, there will be fees for which you will be billed. Learn about changing your registration information here.

+ COVID-19 updates

The following guidelines are in place:

  • Only test-takers are allowed to enter the building
  • Face masks must be worn at all time (standing, walking and during the test)
  • Test-takers must sanitize their hands when entering the building
  • A negative COVID test, no longer than 72 hours old from the time of testing, or proof of vaccination, or proof of prior infection within the last 6 months must be shown
  • Test results must be printed, stamped and signed by an accredited hospital
  • Please check our web site for the updates
  • HES codes are acceptable.

+ Check-in procedures

  • Students are welcome to arrive between 7:15 – 7:45 (GMT +3)
  • Check-in will begin at 7:15 and will conclude at 7:50 (GMT +3)
  • Students who arrive after 7:50 will not be allowed to check-in and will not be able to test
  • Students will enter the school through the main entrance (upper entrance)
  • Students will be let in via the Security Guard located at the entrance
  • Students will proceed to the test area passing the main entrance
  • Please follow the signs
  • You will be asked to show your documents both at the upper entrance and at the entrance of testing area 
  • There is a general seating area for students to wait before/during check-in at the entrance of the testing area
  • Please stay at the allocated areas during the breaks
  • There are restroom facilities available
    Students are welcome to eat and/or drink at this time, within this location
  • Students must have a printed SAT Registration ticket that shows Nesibe Aydın as their assigned testing location. Note that electronic tickets will not be approved.
  • In addition to the printed registration ticket, students must also show an approved ID with picture that includes date of birth. Approved IDs are: Government Issued IDs, Driver’s License, or Passport
  • During check-in, student calculators are checked for approval. Please consult the College Board’s calculator guidelines.
  • At check-in, students will surrender all electronic devices, including smart watches, ear buds, phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Devices are labeled and kept secured during the test. If you do not feel comfortable surrendering your device(s), please do not bring it.
  • During check-in you will receive your assigned testing location.
  • At 7:50, students are led to their testing location.
  • For students taking the SAT with essay, expect to conclude testing around 1:30pm GMT +3
  • For students taking the SAT without essay, expect to conclude testing around 12:30pm GMT +3

+ What to bring

+ What not to bring

  • Any devices, including digital watches, that can be used to record, transmit, receive, or play back audio, photographic, text, or video content (with the exception of CD players used for Language with Listening Subject Tests only)
  • Audio players/recorders, tablets, laptops, notebooks, Google Glass, or any other personal computing devices
  • iPods or other MP3 players
  • iPads or other tablet devices
  • Laptops, notebooks, PDAs or any other personal computing devices
  • Any texting device
  • Cameras or any other photographic equipment
  • Separate timers of any type
  • Protractors, compasses, rulers
  • Highlighters, colored pens, colored pencils, mechanical pencils
  • Pamphlets or papers of any kind
  • Dictionaries or other books—there are no exceptions, even if English is not your first language

+ Nice to have

  • A watch (without an audible alarm)
  • Extra batteries and backup equipment—you’ll have to ask for permission to access them. They cannot be on your desk during the test.
  • A light jacket, sweatshirt, etc.
  • A bag or backpack
  • A drink or snacks (for your break)
  • Breakfast before you arrive

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